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The following materials are related to Classroom PBS and are available to download. It is suggested that these items be used to assist in building capacity across your district, schools, and classrooms to support positive student behavior.
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Table of Contents  
  Classroom Assistance Tool (CAT) Demonstration
Folder 1 – Introduction Please email completed, deidentified CATs to wadkins@usf.edu
  • File A  Introduction MTSS
  • File B  PBS Tier 1 Systems Review

Folder 2- Overview
  • File A MTSS Classroom Coaching Guide Overview of Problem-Solving Process
  • File B Classroom PBS Problem Solving Checklist Example
  • File C Classroom Assistance Tool- Excel (Revised 2016)
  • File E Classroom Management: Self-Assessment Revised
  • File F PBS Tier 1 Self-Evaluation-Excel
  • File G RIOT by ICEL Example
  • File H Ms. Peach Completed Classroom Assessment Tool
  • File I Ms. Peach Completed RIOT by ICEL
  • File J Ms. Peach PBS Classroom Management Plan
  • File K Ms. Peach Daily Classroom Implementation Fidelity Checklist

Folder 3- Instruction
  • File A Instructional Strategies Introduction
  • File B Marzano Planning Questions
  • File C Social Skills Grid
  • File D Table of Instructional Strategies
  • File E References to Table of Instructional Strategies

Folder 4 – Curriculum
  • File A Curriculum Strategies Introduction
  • File B Behavior Lesson Plans Behavior and Reading Improvement Center
  • File C Literature for Expectations
  • File D Classroom PBS Plan Blank
  • File E PBS Classroom Management Plan Blank
  • File F PBS Classroom Management Plan Example
  • File G Character Education and Skillstreaming Plans from Jamerson Elementary
  • File H Embedding Expectations into Academics
  • File I Embedding Expectations Houghton Mifflin Example
  • File J Kindergarten and First Grade FSS Suggested Reading aligned with Common SWPBS Expectations and Rules
  • File K Sample Lesson Plan for Teaching Expectations
  • File L Palmetto Elementary Teach To’s
  • File M Procedures by Expectations Grid Example
  • File N Procedures by Expectations Grid Blank
  • File O Terwilliger Pacing Guide
  • File P Books on Teaching Social Skills

Folder 5- Environment

       Environment Overview

       Ecological Factors

  • File B Classroom Arrangement Overview
  • File C Classroom Arrangement Resources
  • File D Routines, Procedures, Transitions Overview
  • File E Preventing Behavior Problems During Transitions and “Challenging Time” of the School Day
  • File F Routines, Procedures, Transitions Resources
  • File G Classroom Climate Overview
  • File H Teacher Behaviors that Convey High Levels of Support

       Classroom Behavior Systems

  • File I Rewards Overview
  • File J FREE Rewards Resources
  • File K Responding to Problem Behavior Overview
  • File L Responding to Problem Behavior Resources

       Good Behavior Game

  • File M Summary Positive Twist to the Good Behavior Game

Folder 6- Tools

  • File A BoQ Scoring Guide
  • File B BoQ Scoring Form
  • File C PBS Tier 1 Systems Review
  • File D Office Managed Referral Form Example 1
  • File E Office Managed Referral Form Example 2
  • File F Office Managed Referral Form Example 3
  • File G Classroom PBS Problem Solving Checklist Blank
  • File H Teacher Managed Behavior Form Example 1
  • File I Teacher Managed Behavior Form Example 2
  • File J Teacher Managed Behavior Form Example 3
  • File K Classroom Assistance Tool- Excel (Revised 2016)
  • File M Classroom Management: Self-Assessment Revised
  • File N PBS Tier 1 Self Evaluation- Survey
  • File O PBS Tier 1 Self Evaluation Excel Calculator
  • File P RIOT by ICEL Behavior Example
  • File Q RIOT by ICEL Behavior Blank
  • File R PBS Classroom Management Plan Blank
  • File S Daily Classroom Implementation Fidelity Checklist
  • File T Weekly Classroom Implementation Fidelity Checklist
  • File U Marzano Planning Questions
  • File V Template for Behavior Lesson Plan Behavior and Reading Improvement Center

Folder 7- Case Studies
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