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The Tier 1 PBS Booster/Refresher Training is designed for schools that have: (a) completed the initial Tier 1 training, (b) have been implementing PBS for at least one school year, and (3) have some of the PBS Critical Elements in place. Ideally, this training is intended for schools who: (a) have maintained at least 50% of their original team members and (b) have scored between a 35%-80% on the Benchmarks of Quality (BoQ). The purpose of this training is to: (1) review the critical elements based on the BoQ scores, (2) establish clear implementation goals to improve School-Wide outcomes, and (3) refocus and motivate teams. The overall objective is to increase the school's effectiveness in implementing SWPBS. Upon completion of the Booster/Refresher Training, schools will have updated action plans for Tier 1 implementation for the upcoming school year.

Structuring Your Day

Depending upon the needs of your schools and time allotted for training, we have developed different options for how this day could be structured. All training materials are available in the section, Resources to Support You.

½ Day

If only a half day is available, it is suggested that you complete the section, Practice Problem Solving module with the schools. Use the remaining time for schools to develop their action plans based upon the results of their BoQ scores. Click here for a copy of the Action Plan Part B and Tier 1 PBS Team Roster to be used during the training.

Full Day If a full 1-day session is available, the day should start with one of the following: (a) Developing School's PATH, (b) Walking Through the Elements, or (c) Critical Element Review. After completion of one of these activities, then the next step is to complete the Practice Problem Solving module. The remainder of the time should be dedicated to schools completing updated action plans. Click here for a copy of the Action Plan Part B and Tier 1 PBS Team Roster to be used during the training.

Resources Needed

Regardless of the selected structure of training for your district, these readiness steps must be completed to ensure a successful training day. The suggested materials/resources and required readiness steps are listed at the beginning of each section: Practice Problem Solving, Developing School's PATH, Walking Through the Elements, and Critical Element Review.

Prior to Training

  1. Identified schools will complete the Booster/Refresher Training Readiness Checklist and submit it to you at least 3 weeks prior to the training. Disseminate a training "informational flyer" to the schools containing training location, times and materials needed. Click here for a sample flyer.
  2. Review appropriate completion of the School Readiness Checklist and download the schools' most recent Benchmarks of Quality (BoQ) by critical element from PBSES. For each participating school, identify the critical element scores below 70%. Identify the common critical element areas across schools.
  3. View the online tutorial for developing your district's Booster/Refresher Training.
  4. Based upon the structure selected for this training (time allotted and needs of schools), determine the training modules you will utilize. Collect the resources needed to ensure successful training.


  1. View the Power Point for each module. Pay attention to the Resources Needed slide(s). At a minimum, you will need a computer, LCD projector, speakers and internet access.
  2. Download a copy of the modules on the computer and a thumb/flash drive.
  3. Print handouts for all participants, bring sign-in sheets and evaluation forms.
  4. Review the agenda at the start of the training day.

Resources to Support You

Online Tutorial

This brief tutorial will walk you through the process of how to select and identify which modules to select based upon the structure selected (time allotted and needs of the school(s)). It will describe how to present the information for each content module. Click here to access the tutorial.


  1. This overview module provides resources for structuring the training day, materials needed, and includes the modules Developing School's PATH and Walking Through the Elements. A blank school PATH is available for download.
  2. Critical Element Review consists of mini-modules that address each of the critical elements. Select the modules related to the schools' most recent BoQ by critical element score from PBSES. Identify critical element scores below 70% for each participating school. Identify the common areas across schools to select the appropriate mini-modules.
  3. Practice Problem Solving PowerPoint is a recorded voiceover module that can be shown directly to participants. Be advised that you must have internet access on the day of the training to use the voiceover module. The Problem Solving Process worksheet should be completed by each school using their own school's data after viewing the Practice Problem Solving Process PowerPoint. Based upon the results of the problem-solving activity, teams should begin to complete Action Plan Part B and Tier 1 PBS Team Roster during the training.


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