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Tier 3

The Florida PBS project provides technical assistance to districts to establish and/or improve their Tier 3 behavior supports.  If a district is ready to address Tier 3 behavior supports at a systemic level, they first establish a district leadership team that will provide information on their current Tier 3 process and collaborate on action steps.  Prior to developing an action plan, a PBS project consultant will interview the team to obtain a description of how they implement Tier 3 activities across all students and settings.  In addition, a sample of recently completed FBAs and BIPs are submitted to the project for evaluation of their technical adequacy.  An evaluation summary report is prepared that identifies the district’s strengths and challenges in implementing evidence-based Tier 3 practices.  The team, with the assistance of the PBS consultant, develops a collaborative action plan to address the areas they prioritize as needing improvement.  Ongoing technical assistance is given to enhance the district’s likelihood that they will complete their action steps and add new activities that will achieve their long-term goals. 

Districts can access several categories of technical assistance contingent upon their action plan goals and evaluative summary.   The categories include (a) developing a consistent, systematic, and fluent Tier 3 process; (b) building a systemic Tier 3 data-tracking system; (c) revising products including manuals and forms; and (d) providing skill-building training in specific Tier 3 practices.  It is important to note that training will not be provided until the district has developed a coherent Tier 3 process that will be used for all students needing Tier 3 supports.

The PowerPoint presentation on the website describes the TA process and shows examples of Tier 3 processes, forms, and systems districts have developed in completing their action planning steps.

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