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The following links are provided to allow access to recorded PBS meetings and to additional FLPBS:RtIB training modules. These links are intended to increase the ability of districts, schools, and individuals to obtain up-to-date information about the FLPBS:RtIB Project and training resources available.
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Archived Presentations:
   Online Chats
   Integration of Restorative Practices into a PBIS Framework  (Bundled ZIP File)
   Using Technology to Engage All Students Part 2  (Bundled ZIP File)
   Identifying & Selecting Evidence-Based Programs (Bundled ZIP File)
   Using Technology to Engage All Students Part 1  (Bundled ZIP File)
   Tier 2 Series: High School (Bundled ZIP File)
   Establishing a Results-Driven Tier 3 Support System (Bundled ZIP File)
   Disproportionality: Updates and What’s New (Bundled ZIP File)
   2016-2017 Model School Application Chat (Bundled ZIP File)
   Tier 2 Series: Problem Solving (Bundled ZIP File)
   Tier 2 Series: Progress Monitoring and Evaluation (Bundled ZIP File)
   PBIS & Behavioral Initiative Integration (Bundled ZIP File)
   Validating Hypotheses for Improved Decision-Making (Bundled ZIP File)
    Tier 2 Series: Intervention Planning Part 2 (Bundled ZIP File)
    Tier 2 Series: Intervention Planning Part 1 (Bundled ZIP File)
    Tier 2 Series: Family and Community Engagement (Bundled ZIP File)
    Tier 2 Series: Developing a Screening System (Bundled ZIP File)
    Bully Prevention in SWPBIS (Bundled ZIP File)
    PBIS for Families Part 2 (Bundled ZIP File)
    Verbal De-Escalation (Bundled ZIP File)
    PBIS for Families Part 1 (Bundled ZIP File)
    Tier 2 Grouping (ADOBE)
    Tier 2 Grouping (PDF)
    Screening Tool Matrix PDF)
    Teacher Nomination Form (DOC)
    Grade level Team Nomination Form (DOC)
    Model School Online Chat (ADOBE)
    Model School Online Chat (ZIP)
    Tier 2 Decision Points (ADOBE)
    Tier 2 Decision Points (PDF)
    Unpacking the Standards & PBIS (ADOBE)
    PBIS Webinar - FL Standards & PBIS (PDF)
    Final Lesson Plan Handout (PDF)
    CARED Series: Environment (ADOBE)
    CARED Series: Environment (PDF)
    Culturally Competent Policy Assessment CLCPA (PDF)
    CARED Series: Discipline Variables (ADOBE)
    CARED Discipline PPT Handouts (PDF)
    Discipline Disparity Collaborative-New Research Brief (PDF)
    Guiding Questions for Disproportionate Discipline Problem ID (PDF)
    UPBIS Disproportionality Policy Guidebook (PDF)
    School Security African Amer Students Servoss Finn 2014 (PDF)
    CARED Series: Relationships (ADOBE)
    CARED Series: Relationships Chat (PDF)
    Family Engagement Inventory (PDF)
    FACE School Level (PDF)
    USDOE Guiding Principles for School Climate and Discipline (PDF)
    Teacher Behaviors that Convey High Levels of Support (DOC)
    FERS:E (PDF)
    FERS:F (PDF)
    Evaluating PBIS Implementation and Outcomes (ADOBE)
    Got Data Tier 1 only (PDF)
    October 30 2015 Eval Online Chat (PPT)
    SWPBIS Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI) (PDF)
    Restorative Practices (ADOBE)
    Restorative Practices Chat (PDF)
    Defining Restorative (PDF)
    FLPBS Chat Series (PDF)
    CARED Series: Awareness (ADOBE)
    CARED Series: Awareness Handouts (PDF)
    Acknowledging Race (PDF)
    Two Strikes - Race and Disciplining (PDF)
    Prejudice and Habit Breaking (PDF)
    FLPBS Chat Series (PDF)
    CARED Series: Curriculum & Instruction (ADOBE)
    CARED Curriculum & Instruction Handouts (PDF)
    Integrating CR and PBIS (PDF)
    FLPBS Chat Series (PDF)
    Staff Buy-In and PBIS (ADOBE)
    Staff Buy-In and PBIS (PDF)
    Stages of Concern (PDF)
    Cost Benefit Analysis worksheet (PDF)
    Staff Survey Post Implementation Template (PDF)
    Equity Profiles (ADOBE)
    Equity Profile Chat Aug 2015 (PDF)
    FLPBS Chat Equity Profile Examples (PDF)
    Understanding Multiple Measures of Disproportionality (PDF)
    Positive Psychology Part 2 (ADOBE)
    Positive Psychology Online Chat Part 2 (PDF)
    Positive Psychology Intervention Manual Elementary Spring 2014 (PDF)
    2014 Intervention Manual with Parent Component and Boosters.pdf (PDF)
    Positive Psychology Measures Keys and Blank Copies (PDF)
    Aligning Points Cards to PBS (ADOBE)
    PBS Chat Effective Point Cards PPT Handout (PDF)
    All Day Behavior Report Card Anger management example (PDF)
    Behavior Report Card (PDF)
    Ben Hill Point Card (PDF)
    Hillcrest El Daily Progress Report (PDF)
    Once a Day Behavior Report Card (PDF)
    Phillis Wheatley Tier II Point Sheet 2012-2013 (PDF)
    Young Student Behavior Report Card with Pictures Polk Co (PDF)
    14-15 Model School Online Chat (ADOBE)
    Positive Psychology Part 1 (ADOBE)
    Positive Psychology Part 1 (PDF)
    Culturally Responsive PBS (ADOBE)
    Culturally Responsive PBS (PDF)
    Connecting Middle Schools (ADOBE)
    Administrative Decisions (ADOBE)
    Administrative Decisions (PDF)
    Positive Relationships (ADOBE)
    Positive Relationships (PDF)
    Teacher Behaviors Convey High Levels of Support (PDF)
    References and Resources (PDF)
    PBS Alignment to Teacher Evaluation (ADOBE)
    Tchr Evaluation PBS Classroom November Chat - Final (PDF)
    Classroom Assist Tool and Teacher FEAPs Crosswalk (PDF)
    File K Classroom Assistance Tool (DOC)
    Universal Screening (ADOBE)
    Universal Screening (PDF)
    PBS and Florida Standards (ADOBE)
    FL Standard Alignment Speaking & Listening K-12 (DOC)
    FL Standards Professional Development-Independent Practice (DOC)
    PBS & Fl Standards Final (PDF)
    Unpacking Worksheet-Speaking&Listening 7th Grade BLANK (DOC)
    PBS and Administrator Support (ADOBE)
    PBS and Administrator Support (PDF)
    BOQ and Leadership Standards Crosswalk (PDF)
    Using Your Data (ADOBE)
    Using Your Data Chat (PDF)
    PBS Classroom Series: Instruction (ADOBE)
    January 2014 Classroom Series Instruction (PDF)
    File C Marzano Planning Questions (PDF)
    File D Social Skills Grid (PDF)
    File E Table of Instructional Strategies (PDF)
    PBS Classroom Series: Curriculum (ADOBE)
    November Online Chat Curriculum (PDF)
    Classroom Management Plan Blank (PDF)
    Schoolwide Pacing Guide (PNG)
    PBS Classroom Series: Environment (ADOBE)
    Classroom+Series+Environment (PDF)
    MTSS+Classroom+Coaching+Guide+-+Environment (PDF)
    Rewards (PDF)
    Classroom Assistance Tool (DOC)
    Tier 1 Positive Behavior Support: New Team Members (ADOBE)
    May 2013 New Ideas Tools and Strategies (PDF)
    Benchmarks+Scoring+Form_RevFinal (PDF)
    Benchmarks_Scoring_Guide+_Revised_3.19.10 (PDF)
    2.+Action+Plan+A+2013 (DOC)
    Starting the Year Off Right (ADOBE)
    Starting the Year Aug 2013 (PDF)
    Social Skills Grid_pg 8-10 mike (PDF)
    Table_of_Instructional_Strategies_5.20.13_pg_11_-_25 (PDF)
    PBS Model School Application - Chat (ADOBE)
    PBS Model School Application (PDF)
    Teaching Tools for Young Children (TTYC) (ADOBE)
    TTYC November 2012 (PDF)
    TPOT Manual Revised_7_01_09 (PDF)
    Pyramid Model Handout (PDF)
    Teaching Behavior (ADOBE)
    Teaching October 2012 (PDF)
    Terwilliger Pacing Guide (PDF)
    Palmetto Elementary How Tos (PDF)
    Houghton Mifflinchart 3-1a (PDF)
   *Principles of Behavior Elementary Level(ADOBE)
    Elementary Basic Principles of Behavior Sept 2012 (PDF)
   *Principles of Behavior Secondary Level (ADOBE)
    Secondary Basic Principles of Behavior Sept 2012 (PDF)
   *How Can Using a Classroom Tracking Form Change Behavior? (ADOBE)
    Minor Form August 2012 (PDF)
    Classrom Behavior Form (PDF)
   *Increasing PBS Visibility (ADOBE)
    May 2012 Visibility Chat (PPT)
   *Using the Statewide RtI:B Database for Problem Solving (ADOBE)
    DBPS for FLPBS Chat (PPT)
   *Community Involvement in PBS (ADOBE)
    Sabal Afer School. (PPT)
    Family and Community Involvement (PPT)
    seminole_bully_prevention (PDF)
    Community_Involvement (PDF)
   *Model School Application (ADOBE)
    MS_Live_Chat_1.20.12 (PPT)
    11-12_MS_App_Website_1.20.12 (DOC)
   *Walking Through the Classroom Consultation Guide (ADOBE)
   *Data-Based Problem Solving: Secondary (ADOBE)
    Data-Based Problem Solving Chat Secondary 11 18 11 (PDF)
    Problem Solving Secondary Action Plan B 5 10 10 (PDF)
    Problem Solving Secondary RIOT-ICEL_Form (PDF)
    Problem solving Secondary Team Mtg Agenda w PS 4 20 11 (PDF)
   *Data-Based Problem Solving: Elementary (ADOBE)
    Data-Based Problem Solving Chat 10 10 11 (PDF)
    Module CC DBDM form- 4 Step Process 11.10 (PDF)
   *Ruth Owens Kruse Presentation (ADOBE)
    A Rdz Article- Oct 2010 (PDF)
    PBS @ ROK Year One (PDF)
    ROK Behavior Tracking Form 2011 (PDF)
    Daily Note template 2010-201_ 8-20-10 (PDF)
    ROK Referral Process Flowchart_Jan 2011 (PDF)
   *Engaging Families in PBS (ADOBE)
    Family Engagement Web Resources (PDF)
    Idea for Getting Parents and the Community Involved (PDF)
    Tips for Engaging Families to Participate.pdf (PDF)
    Clarcona Parent Brochure (PDF)
    Narcoossee Parent Brochure (PDF)
    Hugo Schmidt Parent Presenation (PDF)
   *Hodgepodge of Ideas: Lessons from the Field (ADOBE)
    Hodgepodge of Ideas May 2011 (PDF)
    Terwilliger Pacing Guide (PDF)
   *High School Chat (ADOBE)
    Help! Tier 1 Isn't Working ~ (PPT)
    Tier 2 Resources Chat ~ (PPT)
    Motivating Your Staff ~ (PPT)
    Planning Effective Responses to Problem Behavior (Tier 1)
    Classroom PBS online chat
    District Scaling-Up & Sustainability: Coaching in Polk County
    Making PBS Better ~ (PDF)
    PBS and Transportation ~ (PDF)
    Alternatives to Suspension On-line Chat ~ (PDF)
    PBS at the Elementary Level online chat ~ (PDF)
    PBS at the High School Level online chat
    PBS at the High School Level by Ginger Featherstone
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